Whatever You Need is Hunting’s latest sonic exploration of sound

Wistful melancholy folk paired with exhilarating electro rock, Hunting’s latest album Whatever You Need showcases a strong collaborative chemistry with a no holds barred approach to infectious synth-rock.

The 10-track release opens with ‘Scenes from TV Screens’. The track features fuzzy 80’s guitars and slinky pop hooks, resulting in an explosive release for the Canadian trio. 

An enchanting cover of Sparklehorse’s ‘Gold Day’, the second track is a holdover from Hunting’s scrapped prior sessions and a link between their early days and the current work their crafting. With muted guitars and a strong driving rhythm, ‘Gold Day’ displays the band’s signature dream sorrow sound juxtaposed with encouraging lyrics of positivity.

Fusing grungy guitars reminiscent of 80s glam rock, ‘Whatever You Need’s’ bold daring sound and powerful passionate vocals construct something that’s familiar yet renewed. The track thematically details liking someone so much, you’d do anything to please them. “For me, I met that person right before leaving town to live in Europe for two months to write songs and try to catch Bowie’s late 70’s Berlin vibe.  Though, all the while I felt like it’d be way more fun if she was there tripping around with me. The lyrics ‘We’ll get high on our Fame, all stoned on our vain’ is a reference to what it must have been like to be Bowie and Iggy Pop lighting up that city,” Hunting reveals.

The album is a delightful and joyous sonic exploration and a huge transformation from the more lonesome folk that Hunting is so famously known for. The more optimistic album is attributed to a now slightly content life for the band, far away from their previous heartbreak. Take a listen to the stunning reflective sounds of Whatever You Need out now.