Who Can Sleep won’t settle until they get “All Your Love”

Californian indie-folk pop duo Who Can Sleep unveil their new single “All Your Love”. Known for their ability to produce genre-blending music which defies any categorization, the couple Dean Vivirito and Lex Helgerson, have been applauded for their truly unique and stunning kaleidoscopic creations. 

Having met at the renowned El Cid music venue in Silverlake, Los Angeles, Vivirito and Helgerson instantly felt a connection both romantically and musically. Combined the two are unstoppable, with a dynamic force flowing through their veins and into their music. New single “All Your Love” is a shining example of what they are capable of creating together. Conceived initially from a dream, Vivirito delves into how perfecting the feel of the track was imperative, “I distinctly remember while rehearsing the song, we were working on the tempo and groove and it was too fast. I told Lex the listener should be reminded of that post-sex feeling”. 

Inspired by artists ranging from Billie Eilish to Blood Orange and in particular Bruce Springsteen, the diversity of their influences can be heard throughout their cross-genre amalgamation. Who Can Sleep are filling a void where the music industry has been lacking and we can’t wait to hear more.