Unsigned Act Of The Week: Yvonne

Folk is a label that is repeatedly, carelessly and lazily added to any music that is acoustic in nature.  Yvonne McDonnell could be called an ‘electric folk’ musician; there is certainly enough evidence to justify this.  There is the dusky soul of a miner to her music in her voice, with a Celtic aftertaste that should please die-hard folkies everywhere.  If you need a point of reference, it would be mid-era Joni Mitchell. Lost in the desert, wondering what it all means.

This also comes across in the chiming Pastorian guitar chords – high up in the mix, pushing the melody onwards.  It’s an unorthodox approach, but unlike most unorthodox approaches it works.  The lyrics repeat phrases and words, giving them a hypnotic edge.  It’s music that is genuinely felt.

Of the six tracks here, ‘Time’ is the most obvious.  However, I found the closer ‘And You Sin’ the real standout.  A bitter goodbye to an ex, everything feels pared back, raw, emotional; rather than disingenuous.

With the grace and power of a heavyweight boxer, Endless Soul is an impressive debut.  Tear off the labels and listen.



Kev McCready