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This year Fatboy Slim made an appearance at Creamfields 2018, playing an hour set at the Horizon stage. You can read our review of his set here. Norman Cook, otherwise known as his stage name Fatboy Slim is still one of the biggest DJ’s in the music industry and has been present since the early 90s.

We quickly caught up with him on site and discussed the most overrated, niggling interview question he’s ever had, what he thinks of his career since 1998 and why his label is called ‘Southern Fried’.

Since being in the industry, what has been your most over-asked interview question?

Fatboy Slim: Erm, how did you get the name Fatboy Slim?

What made you decide to create your own record label?

Erm, making tunes that no one else would release, that I thought were worth releasing. It may not be huge hits, but yeah, so we set up Southern Fried so we could put out the records that my manager would decline to release.

And what’s the tea with the name of this label, why, ‘Southern Fried,’? 

It just came from the expression, “southern fried head,” I live in the south and southern fried head just had a good ring to it. So, Southern Fried Records is a continuation of that.

Please explain the evolution of your career in one sentence after your ’98 hit, ‘Right Here, Right Now.’ 

In one sentence? Downhill, all the way.

Lastly, please describe the sound of Fatboy Slim using three adjectives

Schwelchy, noisy, fun! Great questions by the way.

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