Tracks Of The Week, 20.01.17

Keroscene sum up the themes in ‘Like The First Time’ by getting deep: With all our modern distractions and the need to be constantly connected, people have grown uncomfortable with being by themselves, alone in silence. We may all belong to our society and feel the need to connect with others but ultimately, you will leave just as you came in; by yourself

Though it sounds bleak, and a little daunting, Keroscene are actually giving us an important message: it’s perfectly okay to be alone. Particularly when you’re alone with a track like ‘Like The First Time.’ Themes and messages aside, ‘Like The First Time’ is brooding, dark but oh, so exciting. This is stadium-ready post-punk influenced, immensely cool rock at its finest.

I’m yet to grasp exactly what it is, but something about the latest offering from Gulp – ‘Search For Your Love’ is so overpoweringly warming. With their music described as a road trip, ‘Search For Your Love’ is just that; the sonic equivalent to being bundled up inside a car on a long trip, sleepy but incredibly comfortable.

Perhaps a result of the blending of acoustic and electric elements, or perhaps simply Lindsey’s ethereal vocals ‘Search For Your Love’ is almost trippy in how calming it is. Combined with the recently release video – inspired by a flickering broken digital screen at a bus stop – ‘Search For Your Love’ is borderline hypnotic; but I’m not complaining.

‘Search For Your Love’ is available now via via Tim Burgess’ independent label O Genesis and Gulp are currently working with Luke Abbott on their second album, which is set to be released in 2017.  See Gulp live:
Feb 14th – The Social, LONDON

The second (and title-) track from Splashh’s upcoming sophomore album Waiting A Lifetime is proof that the band’s plots and plans – their “self-imposed exile to write” – did, indeed, work.

Using 2015 to write the album, splitting themselves between London and New York City, Splashh hoped that writing from two different cities would add a new dimension to their music – lo and behold, it did. It always amazes me how an environment can have such a huge effect on something like songwriting, but ‘Waiting A Lifetime’ is clear proof that it can, and does. Scuzzy, driven garage rock, the track is undeniably influenced by urban living, finished off with a dose of acknowledgement for the band’s teenager years in Australia. ‘Waiting A Lifetime’ is a beautifully curated, and, despite its frenzied sound, wonderfully considered track.

Waiting A Lifetime is out April 14th

Taken from their EP Physical L.U.V, Evvol’s ‘Comfort Fit’ is wonderfully honest, and fantastically personal.

With the track obviously exploring comfort, as its title would suggest, Evvol have paired it with a video inspired by a notoriously uncomfortable Calvin Klein ad from 1995. Talking of both the video and the track Julie Chance said: “We wanted to create a video depicting our own community and exploring the idea of what comfort means to us… we invited a group of friends from Berlin to create a video depicting our own community and exploring the idea of what comfort means to us.” The track is comforting in itself, Chance’s vocals as soothing as can be, and it seems the band were in the element recording it. It sounds effortless, but it’s undoubtedly effective – and hand-in-hand with the video, a telling, and endearing, insight into the band’s own community.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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