A new music guide to Christmas: Zuzu

As we root through our cupboards to find scarves, coats and every layer possible for the next few months, summer and festivals may be the last things on our minds. But, with the new year so close, here at Gigslutz, we want to get ourselves ahead of the game and get the lowdown what to get excited about in 2019.

As the festival to kick off the summer season and the home of new music, Live At Leeds are lending us a hand. Over the next few weeks in the run-up to Christmas, we’ll be introducing ourselves to the emerging talent on their line-up with festive playlists, what tracks make them resemble Scrooge, and their tips for the big day.

With the big day less than a week away, Zuzu is the third and final act off the line-up to give us her Christmas lowdown. Hailing from Liverpool, the indie-rock frontwoman brings together summery riffs, catchy lyrics and just everything we need for a good singalong.

You can catch Zuzu at Live At Leeds 2019. Tickets are available HERE.

Zuzu’s Christmas Survival Guide


Top tips to make the most out of Christmas Day

1. Avoid Monopoly and politics!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is nothing ruins Christmas like a good old family feud, try and keep the peace for one day of the year and maybe avoid any talk about Brexit and maybe don’t get out the Rick and Morty monopoly this year..it’s didn’t end well last time.

2. Get the roast on early!
Everyone starts getting bevvied in the morning so gotta get that Christmas lunch going to soak up the booze! I’m not from one of those families who drag out the present opening, its straight down and rip open the goods in our house, so by 3 everyone is ready for a snooze!


Least favourite Christmas song

My worst Christmas song is ‘Little Drummer Boy’. It’s too much of a slow burner for me, just not into it.


Jeffe’s Christmas Playlist