ALBUM: Aurora ‘Running With the Wolves’


Running With The Wolves, the debut EP from Aurora Aksnes, has managed to blow minds, especially with the help of the title track – the fourth to be revealed. The 18 year old, hailing from Norway, exposes a single which is built up from several stages of beats and synths similar to that of a tribe. The instruments are collaborated with a set of voices that slice through the sound in perfect harmony. Together, the vocals and beats create an intense electronic pop sound that climb to a rousing chorus, creating a crescendo of lyrical pleasure.

Aurora mentions when asked about the meaning of the track: “The song is about having the animal instinct inside you come to life. Running with them, joining them – the instinct taking over… I think humans need to let go a bit more, shake their bodies more often, like the animals do.”

‘Running with the Wolves’ is followed by previously released and fan favourite single ‘Runaway’, which fought its way to the Top 10 of both the global and UK Spotify viral charts. It’s hard to deny the sheer amounts of talent this young musician holds. Following this track is ‘In Boxes’, which pairs together a unique vocal style specific to Aurora and a hauntingly beautiful synth-sounding track. The EP ends with ‘The Boy In the Grass’, which flows with gentle piano riffs and raw vocals that will leave hairs standing on the back of your neck. All in all, this EP from the Norwegian teen is a pleasure seeking set of tracks which will your ears craving more of her angelic vocals.

Running With The Wolves is out now via Decca.

Meg Benbow