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Blossoms have undoubtedly been the most exciting band of 2016, potential and prospect have followed them around since their first gig at Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe back in 2013. Their first single, ‘Blow’, saw success with interest coming from the likes of fellow Manc Liam Fray of the immensely respected Courteeners. A light shone of Blossoms that could not be ignored.

From selling out venues such as the Deaf Institute back in November 2014 to the prestigiously beautiful Albert Hall earlier this year, as well as supporting the likes of the Courteeners at their biggest ever gig at Heaton Park, and also the legendary Stone Roses at one of their iconic Etihad stadium gigs back in June, it’s clear to see that Blossoms will take on any occasion that is thrown their way.

Recently the band announced details of their self-titled debut album, and once again the atmosphere stirred in their favour, with a huge sense of anticipation filling not only the air of Manchester, but the rest of the country.

The album begins with a burst of pure euphoria by the hands of ‘Charlamagne’, one of many tracks that has already become a hugely successful crowd favourite. As the calls of “Hello, Hello” echo round your head, your body and mind has already been taken over by the groove and within minutes you are in complete submission to the LP, with much more on offer.

To the delight of many, the album does feature a plethora of the already released singles, even upon first listen, many are enabled to sing their hearts out to the likes of the already mentioned ‘Charlamagne’, ‘At Most A Kiss’, ‘Getaway’ and ‘Blown Rose’, as well as a few others. Many new bands take a lot of time inheriting and educating themselves on the tricks and skills in which are needed to simply write good songs, it appears that Blossoms are gifted with these skills straight away, every track pieces together in perfect fashion, from the debut single to the debut album, it’s all there.

Still considered a ‘new’ track, having only been released as a single last week, ‘Honey Sweet’ is romantically soothing; it floats yet it pulls you in tight and takes you in its embrace. It’s a surge of pure melody that is as addictive as anything else the band produced prior.

If anything’s clear, it’s that the album is driven monumentally by lust. Fellow newcomer ‘Onto Her Bed’ cements this just as much as any other track, with the words ringing out: “I can be your boy if you’ll let me in”. Only half way through the album it draws upon feelings which everybody feels on a regular basis – whether you like it or not, pretty much every track on this album is relatable, and you will find yourself relating to them at some point.

These newly introduced tracks show just how much creativity has been running through Blossoms. The likes of ‘Texia’ and ‘Deep Grass’ cement this as they hold the now expected characteristics of Blossoms, yet they are still immensely exciting. It’s incredibly satisfying to hear some early tracks on the album also. ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’ and of course ‘Blow’ allow us to relive the first stage of excitement which erupted when the band first emerged, yet they also show us just how much the band have developed themselves, and will continue to do so no doubt.

‘Smashed Pianos’ is the darkest number to appear on the album, adding to the already present variety, whilst ‘My Favourite Room’ is a pleasant token to another love, a light-hearted Verve-esque acoustic which accompanies the rest of the album in perfect fashion.

As the album comes to a close it undoubtedly allows itself to be one of the most exciting debuts in a very long time. If Blossoms keep going the way they are, they will get somewhere not many bands find themselves. Manchester has always produced great music, and Blossoms are ensuring that this continues.

Blossoms is released on 5th August via Virgin EMI Records.

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