ALBUM: Girl Band ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’


First things first; Girl Band’s debut full length record Holding Hands With Jamie is not necessarily an enjoyable listen. However, that does not mean it is not one of charismatic and perplexingly creative absorbance. Girl Band’s objective it seems is not to ensue enjoyment upon their listener but instead, disturbance.

This disturbance is what beholds Girl Band’s debut in such unique light and achievement. When was the last time you were disturbed by a record? Disturbance is at the very least, refreshing.

Recorded in April 2015, Holding Hands With Jamie, beholds the speed and intensity of the bands colossal stretch of live shows, as well as the original frighteningly captivating essence of their first releases such as ‘Lawman’ and ‘De Bom Bom’.

Bursting with solemn energy is ‘Pears For Lunch’. This is the album’s well-chosen debut single, climbing the furious un-relenting heights of a Girl Band live set. The punk-enthused group are subject to alarm – with fearsomely striking repetitively shrill guitar chords.

Girl Band keeps us on the edge of our seats, and we spill our popcorn to the thriller-esque nature of ‘Paul’. A slow rumble of drums and spooking bass creeps like the monster in the closet, before bursting out in a shrieking fury. Dara Kiely’s obtusely humorous lyrics standout as illusively strange, “my daughter Paul”.

The Dublin hailing noise-rock four create a self-produced album of shambolic nature, yet the elements of catastrophe involved in mixing together such a haunting debut does not fall weak. Live, Girl Band are renowned for their hell-raising brawl with noise. And they do well to imprint this thrill on record to such nightmarish heights.

Holding Hands With Jamie is out now via Rough Trade Records.

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