ALBUM: Land Lovers – ‘The Rooks Have Returned’


“Irish dream-indie-pop” is hardly a well-worn phrase for a band to characterise themselves by, but in the case of Land Lovers, it is the perfect description. New album The Rooks Have Returned is a charming collection of hazy melodies, infectious instrumentation, and unique lyrics.

As the record breezes along, lead singer Padraig Cooney’s storytelling talent and imagination (which includes various different characters) is a particular delight, drawing comparisons to the likes of Courtney Barnett. There are still plenty of energetic moments, such as ‘Angeline’, featuring a chorus, and a particular vocal which is resplendent with dramatic pop bombast.

At times, a couple songs are perhaps somewhat guilty of coming across slightly too sweet and innocent, as the Dublin five-piece are at their best on stand-out tracks ‘Modern Pentathalon’ and ‘Crowd of Lungs’, which have an altogether more direct, rock’n’roll urgency.

Undoubtedly the highlight is lead single and album opener ‘Springtime For The Mystics’, which marries their shimmering pop sensibilities and twisting lyrics with some fire in the belly. It grooves with an effortless ebb and flow, thanks to Shane Murphy’s bass line; while Cooney’s occasional dynamic blast drives the song on.

Irish indie-dream-pop at its best, you might say.

The Rooks Have Returned was released on May 16 via Popical Island.

Rob Conlon

Rob Conlon

Rob Conlon

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