ALBUM: Lottery Winners- Lottery Winners


Lancashire-based indie rockers, ‘Lottery Winners’ release their eponymous debut LP. A glistening, pristine debut, the band attempt to tackle various societal issues but without the necessary bite required.

Opening up the album is, ‘Meaning of Life’. This establishes an overarching tone for the album in both its lyrical tone as well as its melodic nature. It sets up the bands up-beat brand of indie-pop, with Imagine Drangons-esque synth and melody permeating the majority of the track. Unfortunately, it also lands with the same level of aggression and edge as the aforementioned group, with the track plodding along at a very middle-lane pace.

‘Little Things’ displays somewhat of a harder sound, with it incorporating a slightly more distorted sound. The track also displays certain elements of funk within the guitar sounds. Track ‘21’ evokes a certain homely feel and displays an optimistic viewpoint of a youth in revolt. The aforementioned homely feel of the track comes from previous Manchunian hometown icons of the band such as the Happy Mondays or their neighboring Blossoms.

Although the track sometimes edges into harder, punkier elements, but remains concretely fixed in its Madchester infused psychedelia.

As it reaches its mid-way point, it must be stated that the album begins to lull. ‘That’s not entertainment’ attempts to tackle society’s current fixation on celebrity culture but fails. Instead coming across as the hybrid of, ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’ era Blur and a sub-par Rizzle Kicks track that was never asked for. Tracks, ‘Headlock’ and Elizabeth’ sound like 1975 rejects and feel as if they were designed specifically for a BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show audience. The tracks lack the necessary edge, aggression and even heart to have the respective subject matters hold any weight.

The album closes with what could be the standout track, ‘Young Again’. The combination of dreamy but danceable guitars makes the track feel known whilst still holding the intended soft seclusion it seems to be aimed for. The album is crying out for more tracks such as this.

Lottery Winners titular album is the epitome of middle of the road indie rock. Having no real edge or bite to speak of, the album instead ramps up the focus on stereotypical indie-rock sounds. With this record, it must be said Lottery Winners pull all punches.