Album: Medicine Men – ‘Into The Light’

You know that feeling when you come across a band that has a fresh sound, but also has distinct influences – you feel comfortable but off-balance at the same time…? It’s great! This is the case with Medicine Men. After releasing their debut single back in 2014, they have now released their debut album Into the Light. And I’ll tell you know, it’s a cracker.

The musical diversity on this record is insane; in the grooves you can hear The Charlatans, the vocals scream Paul Weller and the instrumentation oozes the beautiful vibes of Tame Impala. But these guys are their own band, after the ‘Interlude’ track, ‘Show What You’re Made Of’ gets things off a to slow but groovy start. It sets the tone for the rest of the record really well.

The sound is cohesive throughout – tune after tune, you feel like you’re getting to know these guys, especially in ‘Bruised Peach’. Starting with gentle whispers, the track gradually builds as the roars of the lead guitar come in when the chorus hits. The LP then comes to a anthemic close with lead single ‘Out Of The Light’ – a ’90s trance track with big lyrics and even bigger melodies.

After listening to this record a handful of times I can just imagine how big it sounds live. If you have the chance listen to this record, and even get to see them live, I promise you won’t regret it.

Jimmy Ingham