ALBUM: Mild High Club ‘Timeline’


If you are yet to experience the ’60s tinged psychedelic sounds of one-man musical output Mild High Club, you’re about to discover a new favourite. Having already toured with the likes of Wire, Mac Demarco, Mikal Cronin and Ariel Pink, the jazz schooled musician is rightfully building his own following with his unique efforts. The LA based artist, Alexander Brettin, aka Mild High Club, follows his swirling psych single ‘Undeniable’ with the ten-tracked debut album, Timeline. Recorded with a Fostex 4-track cassette recorder, MacBook, 12-string electric guitar, portasound keyboard, bass, drum machine, software instruments and “whatever was lying around”, Brettin creates melodic hits packed with stirring lyrics.

Beginning work on Timeline in 2012, the records themes include the role of the internet and avatars, gender-netural songs about hooking up, making real connections in the hyper real world of social media and digital devices, and Brettin’s personal internal wrangling over the process of song writing itself. Sixties psych wields an obvious influence throughout the record too, with plenty lacksadaical wooziness of the hippy era. Tracks such as ‘You And Me’ venture more into the contemporary category with a dream-pop worthy chorus and melancholy hints, whereas the undeniable catchy melodies of ‘The Chat’ hold sing-along qualities. Collaborating with Ariel Pink for ‘Undeniable’, Brettin again shows a different side to his capabilities with polished psychedelia, that contains the sweet undertones of an electronic organ, warped twirls of vibrato and instrumental riffs that are hard to not fall a bit in love with.

If you’re looking for an album to get you through the inevitable dreary winter nights, then Timeline inescapably transports you to warmer, blissed out days.

Timeline is out now via Circle Star Records, the new imprint of Stones Throw Records. 

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