ALBUM: Mini Mansions ‘The Great Pretenders’


Get ready to be thrown into a pit of ’80s synth fuelled psychedellica, with the release of Mini Mansion’s second full-length studio album, The Great Pretenders. The LA 3 piece are a band that are elegant yet still manage to remain cool, with a sort of toughness lurking beneath.

The deep thud of Dawes’ bass is weaved effortlessly into a montage of synthesized madness, particularly on opener ‘Freakout!’, which instantly grabs your attention with its Electric Light Orchestra feel, which echoes throughout the album.

‘Creeps’ is led by the fuzzy bass line acting as a lead guitar part, giving the track a bluesy feel. This eery psychedelic tone goes hand in and with Schuman’s Miles Kane like vocals and of course, the incredible falsetto courtesy of Tyler Parkford – harmonising at its best!

‘Vertigo’s’ seductive tone lingers throughout the track and instantly demands your attention. The majority of the album is led by sturdy bass lines, and why not? Especially when you have two excellent bassists working together. And who can forget Alex Turner’s verse – the most seductive part of the song, of course. He fits into the track effortlessly… He would fit into the band perfectly; A man that oozes cool (and hair gel), the beloved “saviour of rock n roll”. You can’t help but notice the similarities between The Great Pretenders and AM, both featuring a laid back feel, sturdy bass-lines, atmospheric guitar parts and seductive vocals. However, The Great Pretenders is a far stronger album than Alex Turner and co’s fan-dividing collection.

The Great Pretenders really is a great album, even though it may seem a bit dull at first; It’s one of those albums that you will love after a few listens. But you won’t see the the full effect, the potential, the impact that the album has, until you hear it live. Mini Mansions have an incredible live energy and the eery psychadellica is just the icing on the cake.

The Great Pretenders is released on 23rd March via Capitol Records, LLC.

Abbi Parcell