ALBUM: Moon King ‘Secret Life’


Dream-Pop duo Moon King have followed up their shimmering EPs with the long awaited full length album, Secret Life. The recording project of Tornoto Natives Daniel Woodhead (brother of Doldrums’ Airick) and Maddie Wilde have managed to accomplish a sprawling nine tracked record that captures contemporary woozy pop at its best. After generating success through the punchy, hard-hitting dream-rock EPs Obsession I and Obsession II, the long awaited debut album continues to conjure the dreamy atmospheric sounds the duo create.

First track. ‘Roswell’, the initial teaser release single, is a soaring six minute epic that is immersive material at its finest. Following a propulsive groove, the track is an excellent first taster for the remaining eight tracks, crescendoing into wall of feverent yet floaty sounds. ‘Roswell’ is one of those future hits that is best listened to in several repetitions, to unveil the layered techniques that Moon King craft. Title track ‘Secret Life’ follows with more whispered, dream worthy vocals from Wilde, and psychedelic layering of distorted guitar sounds. ‘Impossible’ has an altogether more attainable ambience, following a classic acoustic intro, matched with those misty harmonised vocals.

Lyrically Moon King’s efforts are yet to achieve a desirable depth, however the easy listening component is all wrapped up through the woozier soft sounds and lighter narratives. ‘Impossible’ ends on a luscious single elongated reverberating chord that underlines the other-worldly cosmic feeling you’re starting to get to grips with. ‘Come Back’ is a velvety marriage of fuzz and harmony, that indulges in pulsating electro glitches and reverbs, in comparison to the darker sounding ‘Hexe’, with the more distinguished male vocals and urgent guitars, and feverish drums.

Moon King manage to nestle themselves somewhere between Bjork, The Cocteau Twins and Siouxsie Sious for inspiration, yet still exude another worldly sound entirely. Stand out track ‘Apocalypse’ manages to pinpoint these diverse influencers as it easily lulls the listener with a full two minute stripped back introduction of distorted vocals and simplistic beats, until electric guitars erupt and create this magnificent instrumental wall of noise. The floatier ‘Golden Age’ is another contemporary pop glistener, with a fantastic hooked chorus that you only realise has in fact been distinctly missing in the previous tracks.

Secret Life draws to a close with ‘Medicine’, a great statement that pinpoints the elements that Moon king are using to distinctively create their own unique pop; subtle layering textures, gentle vocals and a sound that can hazily float away the most pessimist of listeners.

Secret Life is released on 13th April via Last Gang Records.

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