ALBUM REVIEW: Charli XCX ‘Sucker’


Charli XCX doesn’t seem to have been out of the charts since releasing her first album, 14, and follow up, True Romance, in 2013. From solo releases, to collaborating with Iggy Azalea for the smash hit track ‘Fancy’ – it’s clear that she doesn’t intend to fade away anytime soon.

The british pop-princess’ new album is brimming with girl-power, electro-pop and angst. It’s very current album, and XCX herself has said that she would love to see a “punk revolution”, and she hopes that girls will be able to celebrate with the new album.

Sucker includes a song called ‘Caught In The Middle’, a chill, club-dance beat tune with repetitive, catchy lyrics. ‘Boom Clap’, a hit song which was the first single released for the soundtrack of the major film The Fault In Our Stars, is also included. It is an infectious, feel good track with catchy lyrics throughout. The release of this particular song has spread Charli’s music across the globe in no time.

‘Need Ur Luv’ is a softer, easier listen. With its echoes and calm electronic harmonies, it’s the perfect good mood tune to brighten a dull day. The chorus has a whimsical vibe, and the song contrasts extremely well with the pop punk driven album. One of the standout songs of the album would have to be ‘Gold Coins’, a track with Charli’s signature, bold style written all over it. It’s an excellent transition from her previous album, True Romance, to Sucker. ‘Gold Coins’ has a pop, dance and empowering feel.

‘London Queen’ has a fun, video game and electro pop sound. It also has a motivational glamour to it, with the “Oi!” chant gets catchier as the song goes on. ‘Breaking Up’ is another colourful track from the album; it has a shouty, girl-power vibe, teamed with a jumpy beat. This tune screams feisty. ‘Break The Rules’, too, is a louder dance track and was the second single, released in October this year. A rebellious school-girl type music video accompanied the release of the track, with references to films such as Carrie, The Craft and Jawbreaker, and was also influenced by animated sitcom ‘The Simpsons.

‘Body of My Own’ is another brand new, fast paced, playful tune by the UK singer. ‘Die Tonight’ is a slightly slower track, with relaxed lyrics such as, “Oh whoa, I could die tonight, cause I got the magic in my veins / Ringing off the doorbells, now we’re feeling so alive”.

Overall, it is an effortlessly cool variety of songs that showcases Charli XCX’s unique, throwback style. It’s no secret that Charli’s love for the 90’s is eternal, and that she pays attention to detail about every aspect of her work. Sucker is anything but boring, and I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen.

Sucker is out now via Asylum Records, Atlantic Records and Neon Gold Records.

Tara Shiels

Tara Shiels

Tara Shiels

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