ALBUM REVIEW: Davidge ‘Slo Light’

Best known for his productions with Massive Attack, David Bowie, Snoop Dogg, Damon Albam, Primal Scream, Elizabeth Fraser and Mos Def, the musician and producer Neil Davidge releases his debut solo album ‘Slo Light’ on 24th of March.

‘Slo Light’ deeply-schooled in Bristol beats, combines dark and mysterious electronic sounds with fascinating and charming vocals. More structured tracks are mixed with orchestral music and proper soundtracks, which take you on an experiential journey. Great collaborations enhance the beauty of this album. The production is distinctive in every track but diverse enough to offer an incredible and stunning music experience through minor harmonies and tensions, dark and provocative beats, haunting, innocent and airy voices. Light and ethereal tracks interspersed with haunting and darker ones make the album magnetically alluring.

The epic track ‘Slo Light’ opens the album, which features vocals from the New York singer Stephonik Youth. The result is an eclectic journey characterized Neil’s undeniable signature from recent Massive Attack productions.

Cate Le Bon enriches the atmosphere of ‘Gallant Foxes’ with her seductive voice by playing with persistent beats and with beautiful and lingering arpeggios on the piano. Then, on ‘How was your day’, Karima Francis’s high notes float on eccentric, disturbing beats and electronic sounds. 

The lullaby ‘That Fever’ with its soft and gentle vocals and sounds gives space to a more innocent and dreamlike atmosphere. Beautiful. 

Melodies, harmonies and arrangements in ‘Riot Pictures’ are incredibly rich. Sandie Shaw’s voice is colourful, confident and able to highlight the versatility and the great personality of the song.

The dark ‘Hummingbird’ with its enigmatic piano and Patrick Duff’s soft croon displays the ability of Davidge to offer not just a song, but a unique sensory experience. The peculiar horror overtones linger till the end. You end up savouring the resolution of silence, which follows6. Then, with ‘Sensor’ and its beautiful strings, the charismatic groove and the stunning and deep voice of Jhelisa Anderson, you experience beauty, honesty, spaciousness and elegance.

‘Slo Light’ is for sure, an intense and meaningful album, which deserves to be listened to more than once to capture and appreciate all the nuances of Davidge’s sounds.


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