ALBUM REVIEW: Jaws The Shark – Another Day In Paradise


Fuzz filled, grungy and pulse pounding perfectly sums up Jaws The Shark’s latest EP, “Another Day In Paradise”. A 4 track dive into some of the most stimulating post-punk out there today, your speakers will be shaking throughout each of its overdriven offerings.

Opening up with the titular, ‘Another Day In Paradise’, the bass and drums kick in with a hell-for-leather attitude, the bass tones in-particular providing a slightly funk tinged offering, cutting through the cacophony that surrounds it. As the vocals come in they hold a slightly elctro-tinged and disjointed sound giving the EP the desired lo-fi feel.

‘Erase Myself’ stands out as the highlight of the EP with it fully embracing the grunge influence that permeates throughout the duration of the EP. The drums pound away with unbridled ferocity, sounding like, ‘Territorial Pissings’ updated for the modern day. As the track reaches its chorus it takes on a more melodic structure with the effects on the vocals being lessened acting, somewhat, as a calm before the storm before the track kicks back into its abrasive brilliance.

Closing out the EP is, ‘Still Young’ with its chugging guitars and pounding drums that dance together in a swirl of aggression. This feeling of anger is only heightened by the vocal deliveries that descend into a manic shout and only increase in their urgency and ferocity. The melodic juxtaposition of the track is highlighted within it’s solo with it embracing a 60’s girl group pop element, with it sounding like The Ronettes’ blasted through a broken speaker stack.

‘Another Day In Paradise’ is one of the ferocious, cacophonous and cathartic slices of guitar-rock as your likely to hear this year. Chocked full of infectious hooks, guitar-based ferocity and a drive that grabs you through your speakers and drag you in. In an industry full of fresh faced guitar bands, Jaws The Shark have shown themselves to be standing, firmly and proudly, above the rest of the crop.