ALBUM REVIEW: The Moons – ‘Mindwaves’

Psychedelic rock seems to be on the rise now again nowadays, and the latest album to be added to The Moons’ arsenal, Mindwaves, provides us with clear evidence why.

Opener ‘Luna’ leaves us anxiously waiting for what is about to hit our eardrums next. Then the cooling, almost blues-esque guitar riff opens the following track – ‘Society’ – and does so hard. Seemingly delving into the many aspects of today’s society and the concepts which are buried deep within, pointing the finger at society in a similar to fashion to the way Orwell’s critically acclaimed 1984 once did. ‘Society’, in musical terms, is alive with electricity and rhythm.

Mindwaves undoubtedly has a mysterious, dark, eerie essence to it which can be felt straight from the off, and can further be felt throughout third track ‘Body Snatchers’, with its theatrical volume and sounds which would be expected if there was some form of alien invasion. For me, Mindwaves  could easily represent the soundtrack of our galaxy.

It’s during ‘Fever’ in which we really begin to feel what Moons front-man Andy Crofts has to vocally offer. With his unbreakable vocals booming throughout the fourth track, proclaiming “I’ve got a fever in my brain” quite flawlessly, it can easily be imagined live, and it is an extremely exciting thought indeed.

Crofts’ masterpiece continues further in the form of ‘Vertigo’,with once again powerful vocals to accompany the increasingly powerful guitar and thumping drums, which are noticeably providing the groove in which Mindwaves can thrive off throughout this majestic piece of art. As ‘All In My Mind’ plays, you find yourself somewhat witnessing a magic show within your own head, with Crofts the puppeteer behind the strings, and also Ben Curtis on bass pounding your chest as you ready yourself for the finale of the song, which ends out of nowhere; but before you know it, you are hit by the pace of the drums and the fuzz of the overdrive of the guitar as ‘Heart and Soul’ begins with no warning, keeping the album alive, where many begin to drop off and fade. Mindwaves, it must be said, shows no signs of dimming down the lights at any point, keeping them on full beam (supported by the fitting title of the following track, ‘You Can’t Slow Me Down’) as the album fills you with an energy from deep within, hungry for more as you ‘get high off the melody’, as Crofts proclaims during the opening line of the track.

‘Time’s Not Forever’ keeps the lights flashing with an upbeat drumming showpiece from Ben Gordelier and will use up your  last ounces of energy.

‘Rage and Romance’, two things that undoubtedly go hand in hand in today’s world, then begins with a crunch, followed by its colossal chorus as you feel this majestic journey coming to an end -the party of your lifetime, which has delved through your mind even more than you yourself are willing to at times.

The ending of this journey comes in the form of track ‘On The Moon’,  the piano forming the background for Crofts’ voice, allowing it to bounce from wall to wall, leaving you to reflect on what you have just experienced -which is undoubtedly positive on every possible level.

Mindwaves will indefinitely be a gem in a live show and, if you’re a fan of The Moons, you should be very excited indeed.

You can get your hands on the band’s third studio album on July 21st.

Following the release of ‘Mindwaves’, you can also catch The Moons during their September UK toud, dates below.

Fri 19                      LIVERPOOL                          Korova

Sat 20                    BIRMINGHAM                      Hare & Hounds

Sun 21                   GLASGOW                            King Tuts

Tue 23                   MANCHESTER                    Night N Day

Wed 24                  LONDON                               Bush Hall

Thu 25                   BRIGHTON                           Green Door Store

Sat 27                    NORTHAMPTON                 Roadmender


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