ALBUM REVIEW: Third Lung ‘Gameplay’


Reading based indie-outfit, ‘Third Lung’ explode on the scene with their debut LP, ‘GAMEPLAY’, in a rip-roaring affair that takes inspiration for legendary acts such as James and the Stereophonics whilst still maintaining a modern sensibility.

The album opener, ‘All of That Love You Can’t Lose’ is a truly an outlier in the album in-terms of style. Slow acoustic guitars start the song with a gentle, folk sound before the vocals soon come into play. The Tim Booth-esque delivery adding to the tracks early 90’s, relaxed feel.

This is shaken up by the following track, ‘Laura’, which bursts open with a much more traditional indie-rock sound. It’s a track designed to get a crowd moving, it must be heard in a live setting to get the full feel. The overdriven guitars are at the heart of the track, with them screaming as the chorus kicks in. It’s a pulse-pounding slice of indie, that revels in its homages to the past.

‘No Names’ highlights the groups more aggressive side, with this being provided by the guitars and drums which pound with a military beat. It’s fast and straight-laced, bursting through your speakers with a, “fuck you” attitude. The vocals take on a Noel Gallagher-esque tone in their inflections and style. The guitar solo comes into play with a raw, simplistic sound, adding to the primal aggression of the track.

This is not to say that, ‘GAMEPLAY’ doesn’t have a softer-side. Tucked in and amongst these guitar rock anthems is, ‘I Won’t Sleep Tonight’ a beautifully tender and heartfelt ballad. ‘Third Lung’ ditch the guitars and distortion in favour of piano and it works spectacularly. The vocals are raw and passionate, with each wail serving as frontman Tom Farrelly bearing his soul.

‘Dance Me Lover’ is in a similar vein, although favouring the guitar instead of the piano which glides over the melody with a glossy sheen. Strings come into play in the chorus with an expert touch, with them elevating the refrain of, “we’ll dance around in bare feet” to a melancholy, sun-kissed gut-punch.

‘The Little Man’ closes out the album and it is clear to see that, ‘Third Lung’ have saved their strongest cut for last. As the drums alone lead the track in they effortlessly create a sense of space and atmosphere. The guitars soon come in with an acoustic riff that swirls around the melody. The vocals ditch any rock n roll bravado with them being tender and heartfelt throughout the track. This combination puts the track into a dream like state and closes the album on its hazy highpoint.

‘GAMEPLAY’ is an album that’s packed full of a multitude of sounds and offers a bit of something for everyone. From the back to basics indie rock, to the tender piano driven ballads, to the dreamy album closer. ‘Third Lung’ have nailed their sound and have produced a collection of songs that are aching to grace the stage of a summer festival.