Album Review: Turk Tresize – ‘Soul Casino’

The quicker you realise how easily life can deal you the hard card, the quicker you can be prepared for the next blow that tries to turn your world upside down.  Artists of the modern era are finding it increasingly difficult to shine through, with most laying flat at the first couple of bumps in the road.  However, for Australian born Turk Tresize, growing up on his family’s farm has taught him not only the true value of success, but how unbreakable your self belief must be to persevere and achieve your goal.

Influenced in his younger years by bands such as Black Sabbath and AC/DC, Tresize discovered a deep passion to create music through his insane guitar skills and his distinctive, killer voice.  In the years that followed the self-discovery of his amazing talent, Tresize built a DIY recording studio in a milking shed on his family’s farm.  The sheer simplicity of recording in a milking shed parallels the almighty Foo Fighters’ decision to record ‘Wasting Light’ in their front man, Dave Grohl’s garage.  ‘Wasting Light’ claimed the number one spot in more than eleven countries due to its ‘back to basics’ approach;  footsteps that Tresize will perhaps be able to follow one day.

The milking shed recording studio paid off in the form of the fantastically heart-felt debut album, entitled ‘Soul Casino’. Tresize’s hard work and dedication trickles through the back bones of this album, specifically heard on powerful bluesy opening track ‘Daddy Wazza Roller’. The opening track creates a deeply moving air of sophistication to the album, presenting a delicate subject that is highly relatable to a wide audience.

‘Karma Wisdom’ and ‘Rollin’’ present the much more colourful, rocky side to Tresize and cements his status as a future true rock n’ roll star.  ‘Rollin’ lets us see the true talent of this man, through the elongated slide guitar solo which has been subtly complimented with the projected, ringing  of the tambourine.  Tresize has managed to master this common pairing ingeniously, keeping the album fresh and alive.

The flame of life is set alight on ‘Direction’, where Tresize’s gruff vocals make its prominent scald on the listener.  For his first solo recording, the professionalism and originality of the heart-warming vocal performances are simply mesmerising. Mirroring the performance on ‘Direction’ is ‘Held a Rose’; a beautiful combination of sadness and longing, presented perfectly through Tresize’s harmonious voice.

The album itself speaks volumes, with waves of nostalgic memories from the heart of Turk Tresize’s mind, creating vivid images and evoking deep feelings inside the listener. It’s impossible to listen to this album and not revel in the power that radiates from inside it.  A debut this special should not go unnoticed.

Turk Tresize’s debut album ‘Soul Casino’ is available to buy from here:

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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