ALBUM: She Drew The Gun ‘Memories Of The Future’

Psych-pop band She Drew The Gun have been moving along nicely throughout 2016, and have been moving fast. The Mersey band were recently winners of Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent competition, which will see them play a slot on one of the main stages at the world’s most prestigious musical gathering. As well as this, the release of the band’s debut album Memories Of The Future is on the horizon…

Opening track ‘Where I End and You Begin’ welcomes us to the album with a meagre amount of fuzz, which is then swiftly accompanied by the soothing vocals of Louisa Roach, the perfect complement to the listener. Even just a few tracks in, Memories Of The Future is filled with a huge array of different vibes, all contributing to one huge atmospheric flow.

This array of different vibes comes to life in tracks such as ‘Chains’, with its powerfully dark bass riff and a beat that transforms your mind into a haven, flowing beautifully alongside flawless vocals. The previous track ‘If You Can See’ is a dark psyche masterpiece, providing a groove which is heavy yet light at the same time – a lot of She Drew The Gun’s offerings can’t be described simply, which is part of what makes them so exciting.

Amongst the many different emotive consequences of the album, in the main it is soothing – the acoustic picking of ‘Pebbles’ cements this, which moulds the whole thing together naturally at its halfway point.

‘Sing’ keeps things flowing along on the same journey of peace and reflection until we reach ‘Poem’, undoubtedly one of the stand-out moments of this journey. ‘Poem’ is a brutally honest observation of society and the world in which we live; Roach sits back and weighs everything up, addresses one of many bottom lines in this life asking “Is making profit the sole aim of humanity? ” and pleads “Life give me something to believe in”. This one track could be analysed in immense detail; it’s a lyrical séance of huge proportion, and a beautiful one at that, leading you to think deeper than you’ve ever thought before.

As the album comes to an end, the pace is picked up significantly by the running of ‘Pit Pony’ – a more ‘poppy’ number, which suits She Drew The Gun well. Even towards its end, Memories Of The Future still impresses, throwing even more into the mix. The hooks are infectious, and the energy is huge. ‘Or So I Thought’ then brings you back down to earth gently, leaving you to dwell in the huge pool of feelings that have been conjured up throughout the album.

Memories Of The Future is set for release on 22 April via Skeleton Key Records.

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