ALBUM: The Lovely Eggs – I Am A Moron


Lancaster based psych-punk duo The Lovely Eggs are back with their sixth LP, ‘I Am A Moron’. Looking in from their own world of Eggland, the album is fuelled by political fire and a punk rock ethos in what could be their best release to date.

Kicking off the album is, ‘Long Stem Carnations’. Leading in with garbled techno bleeps and atmospheric vocal delivery, this breaks into the pounding punk rock that the Lovely Eggs have near perfected over their fourteen-year career. Following on from this is, ‘You Can Go Now’. With this track the political nature of the album becomes clear, with the lyrics attacking the mediocrity of societal fakeness. With topics ranging from microwave meals, football fixtures and heavy denim being mentioned it is rather surreal but relatable in its discussed topics. The melodic, lullaby verses are juxtaposed by the raucous chorus, highlighting the tracks aggression.

Lead single, ‘This Decision’ continues the albums overtly political nature, it tackles consumerist culture and observes the state of Brexit Britain. Fuelled by distorted guitars, the aggression and anger in the track is not only palpable but unquestionably believable.

‘I Wanna’ is the standout track of the record. Within the listing of expectations and the focus on instant gratification it is backed up by a truly superb melody. Most notably within the chanting, sing-along chorus. Next track, ‘The Mothership’ is a refreshing change of pace within the record. It’s soft and tender within its melody and is lyrically an introspective tale of isolation. The track is elegant and graceful and shows the ability of the group to highlight differing genres and sounds.

Second single from the album, ‘Still Second Rate’ is a tale of British mediocrity. The repeated cry titular crys in the verse, backed up by the pounding drum beat worms its way into the ear of the listener before breaking into a guitar-fuelled, overdriven, cathartic chorus. Closing out the album is, ‘New Dawn’. Leading into the track is a highly Nirvana-esque before allowing the vocal delivery to drive the track. The track is almost spoken word in its nature, due to the focus placed on the lyical nature of the track and the lack of guitar explosion. Rather than taking the traditional punk-route it is an undeniably thought provoking climax to the record.

‘I Am A Moron’ is a wonderful record and is a much needed breath of fresh air in the modern political climate. Punk to its very core, it is unwavering in its aggressive, head-on brand of punk rock and demonstrates the blissfully unique world of Eggland.