ALBUM: Thee Deadtime Philharmonic – ‘Estate of the Heart’

As an anti-Valentine’s Day treat earlier this week, Thee Deadtime Philharmonic released their hugely anticipated album Estate of the Heart.

With the band based in Swadlincote, South Derby, the album is a candidly honest reflection of the world around them. Covering these of domestic violence, poverty, drug abuse, police brutality and class structure, Estate of the Heart tackles societal issues head on, but with plenty of sensitivity and decorum (and in the form of fucking good songs.)

Between the gentle, goosebump-raising ‘Lions To Lambs’ to the raucous trip of ‘Sonic P.C.P’ via all manner of genres, skits and stories, Thee Deadtime Philhamornic have managed, in Estate of the Heart, to delve into a million worlds, tell a million stories and encompass a sound that is truly their own.

Speaking volumes in our current climate – while hopefully able to act as a catalyst for change and a call to arms – Estate of the Heart is far more than an album, and was most definitely worth the wait.

Estate of the Heart is out now

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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