Ashton Travis’ latest single sees him team up with Chase B

Ashton Travis, one of the artists signed onto Def Jam Recordings, is here with his newest offering. His new single, CASINO, sees the Houston-based artist team up with Cactus Jack’s Chase B to deliver a soulful melody, much like the rest of his discography. His style of music is certainly reflected in this song, which is at once both relaxing and invigorating. It is probably the perfect song for our current routines, where most of us are stuck at home, and provides a break from that to allow us to go on a ride with him, preferably in a car with the top down, and crusing along the highway listening to his melodies wash over us. It is definitely worth listening to, especially if you’ve been inside your homes and are getting fed up with the monotony and boredom.

Of course, this is not the first song inspired by casino games – there are a number of such songs released in the past, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones down below:

‘The Gambler’ – Kenny Rogers

This classic, by the recently-deceased Kenny Rogers, is probably the best-known song on this subject. It’s a mix of pop and country, and was a huge crossover hit for the legend all the way back in 1978. The Gambler basically describes an encounter with a person on a train, and his advice on gambling, which can also be applied to life in general.

‘Poker Face’ – Lady Gaga

Poker Face is one of the most famous songs of the last decade or so, and it launched Lady Gaga into the spotlight, marking her first major hit and serving as the launchpad for her to become an international pop star. Of course, as the name suggests, Gaga sings about maintaining a poker face, not during a card game, but during the ‘game of love’. It is a song about keeping your true intentions to yourself while being intimate with someone, and not trusting everyone straight off the bat.

‘Viva Las Vegas’ – Elvis Presley

How can one forget The King when talking about any such list. Elvis Presley’s hit from 1964 was actually the theme song for the movie of the same name, and also featured The King as well, where he played the role of ‘Lucky Jackson’. Viva Las Vegas itself is an ode to the bright lights of Vegas and the thrill of betting.

‘The Winner Takes It All’ – Abba

Another musical legend, Abba, makes it here as well. The Winner Takes It All from the Swedish pop group is reportedly a sensitive one for the group, as it was apparently written by group member Bjorn Ulvaeus about his divorce from fellow band member, Agnetha Faltskog. One can see how that would be awkward, with the betting term ‘the winner takes it all’ used as an analogy for a divorce, where one person wins and one person loses.

‘Shape Of My Heart’ – Sting

It may be surprising to see a song called Shape Of My Heart featured on a list of songs about gambling, but as hardcore Sting fans will tell you, this ballad is actually about a poker player, who is playing the game not to win, but to actually understand how luck and fate work. Sting has also gone on record in an interview to say that the gambler in the song is supposed to be a card-playing philosopher.

‘Countin’ – 2 Chainz

This rap single from 2 Chainz is loaded with references to gambling, and sports betting in particular. The rapper lets loose about the pain of betting big and losing big in multiple verses on this song.