Big In 2019: The Van T’s

Who: The Van T’s

What genre: Shoegaze/post-punk

When did they start: 2013

Where: You can catch Glasgow’s very own Van T’s in their home city on January 18th.  They play Broadcast with This Feeling’s ‘Big in 2019’.

Why: Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson’s ruthless ambition and intent simply can not (and should not) be questioned by anyone. You only need to listen to their most recent release, titled ‘Suis-Je Cool?’, to appreciate that The Van T’s are ready to take their unique sound and infectious energy another level in 2019. Sit back, relax and let them show you that they truly are, in their own words, “everything you ever wanted from a 90’s dream.”

FUN FACT: Drummer Shaun Hood has occasionally been seen dressing as a female for Van T’s gigs to avoid feeling “left out of the girl-mania.”

You can get acquainted with The Van T’s below

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