Black Honey Release New Single ‘Into the Nightmare’

The Brighton four-piece return with their latest work, the 9th song from their self titled debut album Black Honey, out on 21st September with Duly Noted. 

It follows the release of ‘Bad Friends’, ‘I Only Hurt the Ones I Love’ and ‘Midnight’.

Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr co-wrote the number, which brings a slight influence into the whirling guitar which comes through with the chorus. Black Honey‘s Instagram post mentioned that the track is nicknamed “mikemare”, before stating that they wrote the song on piano in the early hours of a cold January morning. An energy fuelled riff commences a whirling, involving piano, clear and distorted vocals which Mike Kerr has clearly inspired, all whilst the pace setting drums mimic walking with pace out of the cold and into the warmth. Speaking more of Mike Kerr, the band said “no one streamlines melodies or fucks chords up like you”. 

Marinated in brilliance, this track gives an incredible taster for the highly anticipated debut album. With only one more week to go, we cannot wait.

You can view the track list for Black Honey  below:

01 Only Hurt The Ones I Love
02 Midnight
03 Whatever Happened To You
04 Bad Friends
05 Blue Romance
06 Crowded City
07 Hello Today
08 Baby
09 Into The Nightmare
10 Dig
11 Just Calling
12 Wasting Time


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