Can CBD Be Used as an Effective Sleep Aid

Sleeping well at night is not always an easy task. However, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for our mental health and overall wellbeing. For some people, the inability to fall asleep quickly can even reach a point where they spend long hours tossing and turning under the sheets with no results. Conversely, others may have no problems falling asleep but find it hard to stay this way and get enough rest. The results can soon start to take their toll on the body and prove to be devastating.

Luckily, there are ways to improve both the quality and quantity of your sleep, and that’s where CBD comes into play. While it’s crucial to keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, taking this non-psychoactive substance might be an excellent way to relax and relieve pain, as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression that keep you up at night. Products like CBD capsules, vape pens such as those available at, oils, or gummies can be helpful for people experiencing insomnia or restlessness after a hectic day.

Read the article below to learn more about the effectiveness of using CBD as a sleep aid.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, otherwise CBD, is the second most concentrated cannabinoid found in cannabis sativa plants. It is non-psychoactive, as it contains little to no THC (less than 0.3 per cent). In recent years, it has gained popularity as a method of dealing with pain, inflammation, anxiety disorders, and many more. Furthermore, CBD is also believed to have sleep-inducing properties. For this reason, many people are using it as a natural sleep aid.

It is believed that CBD helps induce sleep by activating the adenosine receptors, which are widely distributed in almost all human body tissues and organs and linked to sleep. Additionally, research suggests that CBD increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. These are the two chemicals that are highly involved in regulating your mood. Therefore, boosting their levels can help promote sleep naturally.

If you want to start using CBD, start by exploring the possible options and decide which method of application suits you best.

How to Use CBD for Better Sleep

There are multiple common ways of using CBD as a sleep aid. Thanks to the constant growth of the CBD industry, you should be able to find a suitable product and the method of application that works best for you with no issues. Here’s what you can try:


Using a vape pen allows you to take your desired amount of CBD easily and instantly experience the effects. That’s because inhaling CBD produces near-immediate effects as it passes from the lungs into the blood.

Since vaping CBD provides you with the quickest onset of effects compared to any other method, it can be beneficial if you want to fall asleep as soon as possible. The most common feeling you’ll notice while vaping CBD is one of calmness and relaxation.

Overall, vapes are an excellent option if you want to consume CBD while on the go, don’t have much time, or want something you can use with no hassle, even right before going to bed.


A CBD tincture is a liquid form of concentrated cannabidiol (CBD). To make a tincture, the high-proof alcohol is used as a solvent to help extract the natural compounds in the cannabis plant. If you want to use a CBD tincture, you can either take it sublingually by placing a few drops under your tongue or rub it on your skin. The former method is more effective when you need to de-stress and unwind after a long day; the latter might work better for quick relief if it’s a pain or muscle soreness that’s keeping you awake at night.

The only downside to CBD tinctures is their bitter, earthy, and grass-like taste. Those who find it off-putting can opt for flavoured tinctures instead or mix their regular unflavored tincture with drinks or food such as oatmeal, smoothies, or salads. This method of using CBD might take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to work.


If you want to sleep better but also enjoy munching on your favourite foods, especially in the evenings, edibles might be a great option. They’re particularly helpful for people who can’t look past the distinctive smell of tinctures. Eating CBD edibles allows the compounds to be absorbed into your bloodstream right through the digestive system. This might take a little longer than vaping, but the effects can last quite a long time compared to tinctures.

You can choose from many different kinds of edibles. For instance, some people enjoy CBD gummies which are often also infused with melatonin for additional benefits. Other examples of CBD edibles include cookies, candy, canned drinks, or even bottled water with CBD. There’s something for every palate.

Capsules and Pills

If you’re already taking different supplements and want to add something that promotes better sleep to your list, you can take CBD pills or capsules. Many people who favour this format appreciate the fact that this way, the dosage is much easier to control than with CBD tinctures or edibles.

Usually, it takes anywhere from about one to two hours before the CBD capsule or pill begins to have an effect on your body and mind. If you want to use it as a sleep aid, you might need to take it well in advance in order to feel relaxed and calm when you finally get tucked into bed,

Final Word

CBD products are not only incredibly versatile but also easy to integrate into your daily routine. You can take them in many different ways and use them to make dealing with different conditions more manageable. If you’re interested in trying CBD and exploring its potential benefits, consider starting with low doses and gradually increasing them to find your perfect amount.

With each passing year, more and more people are using CBD for sleep disorders or simply as an aid to sleep better at night. You can try vaping it for quick results or use CBD in the form of tinctures, edibles, or capsules and pills, among other possibilities. Just remember to make sure that your healthcare provider gives you the green light to do so.