Can We Expect Daniel Negreanu to Do Well at WSOP 2022?

Daniel Negreanu is one of the best poker players of his generation, and he is still very much present in the game. His appearance at the WSOP always causes a lot of interest, and there is always a great deal of speculation as to how he will fare in the games he enters. How will he do in the 2022 event? Here are our thoughts.

No Bracelet Wins Since 2013

Negreanu already has an impressive six bracelet wins to his name, no easy feat at all. However, the last of these bracelet wins came in 2013. Though he has won plenty since then, he is beginning to fall behind when it comes to claiming the bracelet wins.

Phil Hellmuth, for example, has managed to claim sixteen bracelets throughout his career. The latest came in the 2021 WSOP. Will we ever see Negreanu catch up to him? Probably not. However, there is no reason why we cannot see him earn more bracelets in the future. Negreanu is still an excellent player, and he is more than capable of claiming a few more bracelets before he decides to retire from the game as a whole. We might even see him manage to do so in this 2022 event.


Which Poker Events Will He Enter?

Luckily for us poker fans, Negreanu has already announced which events he will be playing in at the WSOP 2022. There will be 88 live events, plus 14 online tournaments hosted through sites like GGPoker at Negreanu has said that he will be entering 49 of the live events at the tournament, with many of these giving him the chance to pick up a bracelet.

The first we can expect to see of him is at  the $100,000 High Roller Bounty. In addition to claiming the final prize, he will also get the chance to build up his own pot by knocking out other players. Such a tournament is a good choice for an aggressive player like Negreanu. We will also be able to see him at the $50,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller game, as he usually makes an appearance across some of the Omaha games available, plus the Main Event.

How Will He Fare?

As to how he will fare at these games, that is pretty much open to interpretation. There are some out there who would consider a game to be a failure if a player like Negreanu did not make it to the top three, or even win outright.

However, it is no secret that his play has been a little shaky in the past few years. Though we should expect great things from him, there is always no guarantee that he will walk away as a winner from all 49 of those games he intends to play. There are simply too many interesting characters in the world of poker at the moment. Though we can expect him to do exceptionally well in his play, he is not going to blow things out of the water with each table he sits down at.

Seeing one of the greats of poker like Negreanu at a big profile event like the WSOP is always fantastic to see. It will be great if he can advance to the latter stages of the tournaments he chooses to enter. We would also very much like to see him claim his seventh bracelet, something that is very much long overdue. If you are going to follow any player as the 2022 WSOP kicks off, make it Daniel Negreanu. He always offers great games and interesting plays.