Daughn Gibson ‘Me Moan’ – Album Review

Daughn Gibson’s second album ‘Me Moan’ is a refreshing catalogue of folk-like story telling set to subterranean layering of guitar twanging, electronic sounds and erm… bagpipes.

Following on from ‘All Hell’ the former trucker expands with 11 eclectic tracks ranging from psychedelic ‘Phantom Rider’ to more melodic tracks like ‘Franco’, all the while maintaining his ethos of opening the listeners eyes to the weirdness of the world, illustrated in the lyrical compositions: ‘I wish we had a kid/ who never wanted to die’.

Comparisons have been drawn between Gibson and names like Cash and Buckley, but you can hear the inspiration he gleans from Fleetwood Mac at the same time, it feels like you could fall into the notes and float in ‘The Pisgee Nest’ – something not so appealing when hearing the backstory: a sinister tale of the pimping out of a policeman’s daughter by her boyfriend to the town where he grew up.

Gibson’s dark Pennsylvanian roots show in the country sounding ‘Kissin on the Blacktop’. The album draws to a close with ‘Into the Sea’, piano playing alongside harmonica you into Gibson’s handcrafted world.

Leanne Neale