Different uses of Sticker Labels for your Business

Do you want to explore your options outside the realm of digital marketing but are not sure where to start? Or are you looking for a low-cost, high-impact way to revamp your business? 

We are here to help you reach all of that and your growth targets using custom stickers and labels. 

Before we jump into the ways stickers and labels can elevate your business, let’s talk basics. What is a sticker?

A sticker is an adhesive-backed piece of paper or plastic that can be printed on. They are usually individually cut, as pictured below. Labels, on the other hand, come on sheets, which makes them easier and faster to peel. Once peeled, there is no difference between a sticker and label. However, we recommend getting labels when you have to apply hundreds of them, they can be an absolute time saver. 

Now that we know what we are talking about, let’s explore the many ways stickers can become a part of your marketing strategy. 


  1. Giveaways 

Stickers are incredibly cost-effective, which means that you can include them with every order or purchase. 

This allows you to tap into their secret superpower. Given at the right moment, stickers will not be perceived as advertising, but rather as a gift. This recalls social psychology’s rule of reciprocity. The receiver feels the need to return the favour which can be through a recommendation, a purchase or a social media post. All of this is free exposure. 

Stickers turn your loyal customer base into brand ambassadors. The most powerful advertising is still word of mouth. Imagine your design on the back of someone’s laptop who is simultaneously singing your praise to potential customers. 

  1. Product Packaging

With stickers, even small businesses and startups can customise their products at a low price. Having coherent packaging with your logo and brand colours makes for a great product and unboxing experience. 

But you do not have to stop there. Address labels and a lovely “nice to see you” message really makes your packaging stand out. Most sticker printers offer amazing glitter or holographic vinyl stickers. These underline the premium status of your brand and make your design a real eye-catcher! 

  1. Limited Edition Stickers

Limited edition stickers generate scarcity around your product. This means that customers think there will not be another chance to buy this product. This felt immediacy increases the likelihood of a purchase, especially in relation to your competitors, as their products will still be available in weeks time.

A simple biodegradable paper sticker can help you make this happen. Using the below image as an inspiration, you can even customise these by adding handwritten numbers on your label. 


  1. Window Signage 

Do you have a physical shopfront? Then make sure not to neglect your windows. A window sticker can help your brand stand out, no matter if you are part of a modern shopping centre or a little high street. 

Transparent stickers are great for this. Printed on see-thru vinyl, these stickers make your logo stand out while still allowing your customers to see your products through the window. 

Make sure to choose a sticker supplier that can print white and full colour on clear materials. 


  1. Floor Graphics 

In times of Covid-19, floor graphics have long become part of our everyday lives. While they are super important, you can use this opportunity to make your customers smile. 

Getting a little creative cannot hurt and will ensure that your business will be remembered fondly because you have generated a nice experience in the midst of a difficult time. 

Reach out to sticker printers to find out which material will be perfect for you.



And that’s it, five ways to use stickers and labels for your business. We hope we could inspire you to give stickers a try and make them your marketing tool of choice. No matter if you are new to sticker marketing or have been using them for years, we would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment and share your favourite way to make stickers work for you.