Discovery of the Week: Furnsss

Connecticut rockers, Furnsss – not Furns (for anyone interested Furns make Danish synth pop) – have been churning out albums and EPs of fuzzy indie since 2012, of which I’ve been delving into this past week. Their last album Silent Gold is a masterpiece, including brilliant tracks ‘Where Did My Pets Go?’ and ‘Discover II’, in which I mistook singer Melanie Kleid for upcoming Belfast artist SOAK, they have identical beautiful vocals. It’s an album I wish I’d heard much earlier.

My ‘discovery’ of these awesome records, despite their age, came in the form of Furnsss’ new single ‘Slow Dark Water’. There’s an edge of mystery and unease as soon as the track begins, Brendan Dyer’s low and sultry voice almost whispers “I’m just a kid but life’s not a nightmare” and I’m immediately intrigued.

Choruses of unison vocal and squealing guitar melody are captivatingly addictive – a simple “ooo woo ooo” has resulted in far too many Soundcloud plays in the space of seven days. In a small break before the ultimate lo-fi fuzz off, there’s a layer of audio mist subtly shimmering around Dyer’s quiet tone, as though I’m sat listening to Furnsss play an eerie lakeside session at midnight. The band break down this illusion almost as soon as it began, however,  with some of the most warped, distorted and psychotic guitars I’ve ever come across – it’s brilliant.

‘Slow Dark Water’ is taken from the band’s upcoming EP New Moves, released on 80N7 – the best new record label around, take my word for it. They’ve already released tracks for some of the coolest artists around including Happyness, Hooton Tennis Club, Gleemer and some of my own city Manchester’s greatest Gorgeous Bully and Spring King. If this isn’t enough reason to check them out, I’ll never convince you.

New Moves is released 15 August, purchase it from 80N7’s bandcamp



Elli Brazzill


Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

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