Discovery of the Week: Juice

Birmingham’s Juice threw themselves into the indie spotlight in early 2014 with their debut track ‘Sugar’.  It was oozing with funky Brit-pop attitude and distorted guitars leading into a mighty chorus.

After being featured in NME’s Radar section and gaining high recommendations,  however, Juice have been somewhat quiet. Some line-up changes have occurred during this period, with the band taking time in the shadows to perfect their craft and stock up some new tunes. Luckily, this interval hasn’t affected the band’s ability to write a stellar song.

‘Acid Kids’ is the brand new single from the now 3-piece indie rockers. Vivacious guitars give the track such animation and life, the song propels you into a state of excitement and joy. The lyrics are very Beatles-esque, obviously the ‘acid’ has consequential psychedelic imagery: “the sequins in their eyes come as no surprise”.

These two essential elements form as one to make another stand-out indie rock anthem. The band supported Catfish & the Bottlemen on a few dates last year, and this is the exact audience that will be flocking to Juice gigs after hearing this song. From the rattle and fuzz of a blinding chorus, ‘Acid Kids’ decelerates into a resonating finish – leaving us listeners totally desperate for more.


Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

I’m Elli, 20 and live in Manchester. I like good music, gigs, rice krispies, 7” singles and puns. Alex G, Day Wave, Jaws, Talking Heads, Best Friends, Mac DeMarco, The Strokes, Parquet Courts and Tyler the Creator are pretty cool aren’t they. @cometobrazzill on twitter.