Superfood W/ Dumb LIVE @ The Social, London 22.7.14

After a somewhat disastrous first attempt in a run of four free gigs, Superfood took to The Social for their second – this time, successful – attempt.

For an 18+ event, the audience seemed suspiciously not 18. Those who were strolled in casually, while the others piled in giddily, amazed that their fake ID had actually worked: “I feel so illegal!”

Before Superfood, Dumb – yet another promising new Birmingham band to add to the list – take to the stage. To call it a stage is questionable; it’s barely the size of a double bed and any need for a drum kit requires the pathway to the toilet being blocked. Despite this, they play a fantastic set – truly showing off what we can expect from their upcoming EP, Chew Me Up, Spit Me Out. It is slick, yet grungy, and although the band themselves seem just old enough to be allowed in the venue, they have complete control. While the audience is predominantly there in anticipation for Superfood, Dumb aren’t going to let themselves go unappreciated, and they didn’t. They clearly have the approval of the crowd, and are later quizzed by new-found fans about merchandise purchase possibilities.

Superfood kick off their set with ‘TV’. As always, they’re effortlessly cool, Dom’s gritty vocals flowing over the upbeat, Britpop sounds of the guitars. Superfood give you no choice but to dance. There’s an undeniable sense that the band is on the same level as the audience; when they’re enjoying themselves, you will as well.  They work through their set without any damage to the venue, playing through MAM E.P, and testing a couple of songs from the highly anticipated album. Whilst the venue remains unscathed, the same cannot  be said for the audience: towards the end of the set, enthusiasm gets the better of some audience members, causing stage invasion and risky shoulder rides in a venue that is barely tall enough. Superfood finish, as expected, with the self-titled Superfood.  Playful and bright, the high-pitched “Superfoooood”s echoes through the venue, marking the unwelcome end of a regrettably short set. We can only wait for Superfood to embark on a headline tour.

Melissa Svensen


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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