In Our Ears: 0001 (10/09/18)

A freshly-squeezed glass of blaring beats, melodic melodies and the finest new tracks to hit the airwaves this week.

This week, our Editor-in-chief, Ella Scott, takes the reins on the first In Our Ears column and gushes about her ever-growing adoration for Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, what she thinks The Luka State‘s gameplan is and how Billie Marten is bettering herself with every, single release.


The Luka State – ‘Bury Me’

[spotify track=”spotify:track:62wJuHJ28SLRLem8XMUS8b”]

Power, power and more power – The Luka State has only one goal in mind, and that is total and complete world domination.  ‘Bury Me’ is a track plucked straight from the golden era of early 00’s indie rock, spruced up with a passion-punching vocal and an addictive guitar line.  It is bold, it is brash, it is an instant love-at-first-spin listen; ‘Bury Me’ is The Luka State’s greatest and most thrilling achievement to date. 

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – ‘Energy Fantasy’ 

[spotify track=”spotify:track:1tnWRkUWav9cSYj9tOCQEI”]

2018 has already seen TEED profusely stretching his creative muscles and serve up a slew of killer tracks to his ravenous fans. The party is not stopping anytime soon, as TEED has debuted an embodiment of twilight hour – ‘Energy Fantasy’.  

Cooler and darker than his other offerings this year, ‘Energy Fantasy’ is a swirling 6.5-minute storm of pure, exciting techno.  TEED doesn’t need big vocal stints or solidified dance floor-filling grooves to make an impact.  

Alice Merton – ‘Why So Serious’ 

[spotify track=”spotify:track:2oD2H6nruflo2L27sN8sPK”]

Songs made to document the turning point in coming-of-age films, soundtrack your bedroom pacing sessions and spur you to draw your courage and take that leap of faith – Alice Merton is the ultimate, motivational golden girl.

Her latest track ‘Why So Serious’ is understated, simple and showcases her innovative voice in a shimmering light.  It is a pure pop earworm with easily recalled lyrics.  For fans of FUN, Bishop Briggs and even Allie X; ‘Why So Serious’ is set to be a glistening addition to your September playlist.

Banoffee – ‘Muscle Memory’ 

[spotify track=”spotify:track:5jvjAQiM1oDDdtnT2TTpdb”]

Fully emerging from the ashes of a turbulent breakup like an elegant black swan, Banoffee’s comeback track, ‘Muscle Memory’, is moreish.  Thorny and full of liquid confidence, this lamenting track thrusts Banoffee’s new cool and sophisticated persona into the limelight.  

The freezing, electronic single – which sounds similar to early offerings from Crystal Castles as well as Charli XCX post-pop princess crown slip – heralds in a new era, where Banoffee rules all.  It is spiky and poignant while simultaneously being oh-so-delectable. 

‘Billie Marten – ‘Mice’

[spotify track=”spotify:track:3PhvB8RB0Y7oPZUd7RCpP7″]

If lethargic, slow Sunday mornings in bed with coffee, pastries and shy giggles had a quintessential soundtrack, it would be Billie Marten’s ‘Mice’.  Quietly passionate with sensitivity trickling gently from the seams; ‘Mice’ is utterly sublime.  Marten’s velvety vocal performance is impeccable – filled with pain, dripping love and oozing beauty, making ‘Mice’ a stunningly simple-yet-effective affair.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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