EP: The Baby Seals – ‘The Baby Seals’

Cambridge trio The Baby Seals are set to release their debut self-titled EP on the 7th April via Trapped Animal, and it’s a witty collection of energetic feminist anthems that will provide the soundtrack to all of your future activism. Opening the EP is the brilliantly named ‘My Labia’s Lopsided, But I Don’t Mind’. It’s a track that champions self-acceptance and it’ll have you “la la laaaing” in solidarity throughout the chorus whilst shimmying those hips (and your uneven lips).

The band’s ability to write infectious “Empowerpop” permeates the EP, and second track ‘Nipple Hair’ is equally as celebratory and memorable. The song acts as a reminder to girls that “choosing smooth is cool, but you still have choices” and warns that shaving brands don’t tell you that “most guys don’t care” about your body hair either. We guarantee you’ll be pogoing around your room by the time the chorus kicks in, chanting “Na na na nipple hair – we don’t fucking care!” Third track ‘Guuurrrl’ is a direct address to female ears: “You, yeah you, can be where you want to”. It doesn’t matter whether that’s in the home looking after the kids, or in the spotlight fronting a punk band; the choice is yours and you should trust your instincts.

‘Yawn Porn’ laments the predictable, unsatisfying nature of pornography. Upbeat surf-style guitars and thumping drums perfectly offset the otherwise sinister repeated line “he’s gonna cum in her face”. ‘Period Drama’ documents the struggles of menstruation for modern women. The Baby Seals know how to break a taboo, and they do it with so much honesty and good humour that they’re impossible to ignore – kind of like the red blood stain “when you’re sitting at your desk wearing a white dress”.

Closing the EP is ‘It’s Not About The Money Honey’, which is moodier in sound compared to the buoyancy of previous tracks. There’s a snarky, rolling bass line that underscores a direct request for equality: “It’s not about the money honey, we just want the same”. The Baby Seals are a smart, talented group of girls who know how to shout back against oppressive patriarchal values – and have a shit load of fun at the same time. Invest in their EP, and catch them live at one of their launch parties next month.

(4th April, The Prince Albert in Brighton & the 5th at London’s Shacklewell Arms which is being hosted by We Can Do It Promotions – event details here)


The Baby Seals debut EP is available to pre-order now. Follow The Baby Seals on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

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