EP: Bad Mannequins – ‘Deny Til U Die Part 1’

Following the success of single ‘No Easy Way Out’, which was featured on US TV show Limitless, Glasgow duo Bad Mannequins have now written a trilogy of EPs, which they will release throughout the year. The first of these, Deny Til U Die Part 1, is out now.

A collection of four instantly infectious, and rip-roaringly raucous tracks, the EP serves as the perfect introduction to Ross Hamilton and Jamie McGrory’s fun-filled fuzz anthems. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of genres – with shades of ‘70s punk as well raw, uptempo, garage rock – Deny Til U Die Part 1 will suck you into Bad Mannequins’ frenzied sound and not let go.

EP opener, and probably highlight of the collection, ‘I Hate You’ oozes shades of the riotous rock ‘n’ roll of Eagles Of Death Metal as whirring riffs race alongside the scuzzy drone of the vocals and jangly, infectious hooks. Instantly hitting you with its vibrant energy, ‘I Hate You’ will get your feet tapping, and your head nodding in no time, leaving you longing to witness what Bad Mannequins have in store for us at their live shows.

Continuing this tongue-in-cheek swagger and ferocious, playful fuzz, ‘Buzz Killer Skinny Gene’ blasts out screeching riffs and heaps of attitude, resulting in another energy-ridden slice of thrilling garage rock.

Offering more witty lyrics, ‘T-Shirt Collection’ is yet further proof that this duo aren’t ones to take themselves too seriously. But their music is most definitely serious. Seriously addictive. And, as the EP closes with the raw twang of riffs and ‘70s punk-inspired grit of ‘Under The Glass’, it’s clear that Bad Mannequins are here for the long haul. And I can’t wait to hear parts two and three of what is sure to be an utterly epic trilogy.

Deny Til U Die Part 1 is out now via Triple Denim.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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