EP: Cabbage “Necroflat in the Palace”

Following the release of their excellent EP ‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade’, Manchester’s new heroes return with another collection of songs which are equally earth shattering in their own smelly and disgusting way.

Opening with “Necroflat in the Palace”, and featuring my favourite Cabbage lyric: I was born in the NHS/I wanna die in the NHS, this track is like the bastard, half aborted child of Fat White Family and The Fall. The guitars are hard and sharp, vocally it’s chilling and frantic and ultimately, it’s a song to lose your shit to. It’s just another reminder of how refreshing Cabbage are in a music scene so concerned with cliché, leather clad boys and their boring songs about cute past lovers and how much of a lad they are. Cunts.

“Indispensable Pencil” for me is very Cramps like, the opening riff in particular is surfy/beach rocky, again reminding me of artists like Butthole Surfers and The Wipers. You can’t go wrong with tastes like this, it’s fast, unapologetic rock n roll; proper rock and roll. All these influences aside, Cabbage still communicate an originality that has been lacking in Manchester in general. They represent a darker side, a true underground of unhappy people. It’s a side filled with empty bottles of buckie, twenty somethings whose only life goal appears to be getting high and a general dissatisfaction for all things government strewn and sewn.

We shouldn’t take bands like Cabbage for granted, and let’s not hail them just because their on stage performances are abit wild or their records are abit different. We should praise them because they’re honest. They embody the chaos of a party at a student’s flat, with the sesh in full swing. They reflect the angry blowouts had by lost souls, stuck in rat races they had no intention of being a part of. They’re not singing about girls with names similar to the word champagne, donning the tightest clothes in the land so people may assess how god like they are. They’re pissing all over Catfish and his boring men with their gangrenous, demonic cocks and we fucking love it.

You may have heard this all before, but songs like “Grim up North Korea”, and the closing track “Dissonance” (which by the way, is fucking incredible), appeal to people like me. People who will not stand for the mediocrity churned out by the polished turds of the UK “indie”/alternative scene. And if you read this and roll your eyes, remember just how much you shelled out to watch four old men, who only ever made one good album, play to an audience who think having a bucket hat makes you a raver.

Let the strings of Liam Fray be cut and Cabbage be crowned new kings of England.