EP: The Coronas ‘How This Goes’


As one of the best loved bands on the Irish music scene, it was about time that The Coronas followed their hugely successful album, The Long Way, with some new music to match their growing success. Their new How This Goes EP is a strong statement of intent from a band with big plans on the horizon.

Title track ‘How This Goes’ oozes positivity and upbeat optimism from its utterly irresistible foot-tapping beat and chart-ready massive sound. No longer do we have a bunch of uni boys playing dive bars, but seasoned musicians enticing us in with their smooth vocals and addictive sound.

The Coronas show their affected side, however, in track ‘Just The Right Time’, which features vocals from fellow Irish treasures Hudson Taylor. The soothing melancholy piano and moving harmonies blend effortless with the gradual strings to rise into a bittersweet cadence. This is a no-fuss song, perfect in its utter simplicity and lack of presumption.

And yet, the happy-go-lucky feel returns for tantalising third track ‘Speak My Mind’ which takes a sturdier approach to build poignant expectancy. The song rises and falls in teasing anticipation before breaking into an uplifting chorus. The track feels honest with its straight-forward lyrics and steady rhythm.

The EP ends with live versions of tracks ‘Just Like That’ and ‘What A Love’ both released on album The Long Way, showing themselves as one hell of a live band. These indie rockers have a motive in this EP, to show off their credentials as a band ready for much bigger things. Their feel-good energy and effortless feel is infectious from the first note, and it’s safe to say it can only get better for this band from now on.

How This Goes is out now via Island Records.

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