EP: Eva Plays Dead ‘Sounds Of The Written Word’


Branding themselves as “no-nonsense rock”, Midlands foursome Eva Plays Dead have already caught the eye of Team Rock and Kerrang! with their past singles. Their latest EP, Sounds Of The Written Word, therefore, is an attempt to live up to the mutterings they’ve been creating.

What is doubtless from the off is that vocalist Tiggy Dee has a voice to be reckoned with. Effortlessly powerful and yet unobtrusive, it blends perfectly with the simplified rock style the band are trying to create.

Her vocals could, sadly, be put to better use than voicing the rather clunky lyrics found on this EP. What is sung is far too literal and lacks any real creativity, with ‘1950s Woman’ ending up as a literal description of what the title suggests.

Nonetheless, this EP is littered with sweet riffs and washed with a classic rock vibe across tracks ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Live Again’ which are upbeat and tense with a sound much darker than their previous releases. That fervent vitality you’d expect from such a young band is lacking in places but shows through eventually, such as in the chorus of ‘Bad Girl’.

Eva Plays Dead’s latest offering is mixed, but this EP’s enticing dark sound still has plenty to offer. If we focus on the strong points of this release we can see that a strong, unfussed classic rock sound in the future of this young band.

Sounds Of The Written Word is out now via Sound-Hub.

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