EP: Guttfull – ‘#notallmen’

The debut EP from sax punk band GUTTFULL builds on their already riotous, unapologetically angry and hugely catchy singles to bring together a collection of modern feminist anthems with big pop sensibilities.

Formed in 2016 and including members from Thee Faction, and former members of The Wimmins’ Institute and Joana And The Wolf, they have a to-the-point mission statement, saying: “GUTTFULL is an expression of fury at injustice and oppression. Racism, sexism, class war, and bad fucking manners: we’ve had enough of this shit.”

Across the six-track EP they take on Donald Trump (‘Arsehole’), the male gaze (‘Tits and Nails’), and sexist internet trolls who hound female musicians (‘Keyboard Warrior’). The often blunt and chanted lyrics are laden with humour, but seethe with anger, and frustration, at modern society.

Lead track #notallmen’ has an intoxicating snake-charm of a sax line running underneath the more softly sung verse, before the vitriol of the chorus kicks in and raw vocals demolish the protests of faux-feminists, while echoes of Bikini Kill and X Ray Spex ring clear.

This is a band who are resolute in their tackling of inequalities and flat-out wrongs, and in giving us a call to rally around, dancing as we go. Taking the issues seriously, but delivering with wit and catchy melodies, GUTTFULL bring together the politics of punk with the ubiquity of pop in a debut collection that instantly demands attention.

#notallmen, the new EP from GUTTFULL, is out 20 July, with a special gig to launch it that night, where the band will be supporting Skinny Girl Diet at The Lexington. You can also catch the band live throughout the next few months:

14 July – The Flapper, Birmingham
20 July – The Lexington, London (EP launch)
24 August – The Railway Tavern, Southend
2 September – Loud Women Fest, London

Sarah Lay