EP: Jamie T ‘Magnolia Melancholia’


Jamie T fans rejoiced at the news that they wouldn’t have to wait another five years for his next offering – just six months on, he’s back with a beautifully elegant EP, boasting the strength of six songs.

Magnolia Melancholia begins with the already existing ‘Don’t You Find’, arguably one of the strongest tracks from the album that welcomed Jamie T’s triumphant return, Carry On The Grudge, before introducing a new track to the listener, which comes in the form of ‘Marilyn Monroe’. The track is one in which leaves your shoulders swaying to the in-ignorable grooves of the drums and bass, even if you’re listening to the track in the confines of your room – there are hints of aggression throughout the vocals, but not in an outweighing sense by any means.

Following, sees the first of two covers to be included on the EP. T’s rendition of Bran Van 3000’s ‘Mama Don’t Smoke’ is a soothingly mellow anthem, which is further supported by the shrieking guitar which leads the song to eerily lift you above reality for those short few seconds, ‘Mama Don’t Smoke’ is arguably a euphoric effort, one in which Jamie T shows his ability to innovatively provide a fresh outlook on already existing tracks.

Magnolia Melancholia is undoubtedly reflective, with the title track leaving the listener in a positively lethargic state of mind, losing the will to worry about the realities of everyday life – euphoric, once again. Also, Treays seems to be taking things back to the basics of his early days, with tracks like ‘Riverbed’ providing the evidence for this with its gritty yet easy-flowing atmospheric-ness.

The EP then reaches its final destination with the second cover of the two to feature, this one coming in the form of The Replacements’ ‘Bastards Of Young’, which is hauntingly brilliant in its delivery, with Treay giving off feelings within the track as if it was his own; a beautiful addition and the perfect finish.

Magnolia Melancholia is out now via Virgin Records.

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