EP: Proletariat – ‘Always The Same’

Proletariat are one of the many great bands that are flying the flag for a post-punk revival in the underground indie band scene and they’re doing a fine job. Tearing up stages at festivals and hitting many of This Feeling’s gigs, this band are on the rise and they have just released their latest EP Always The Same.

This record packs a punch, on first listen bands such as Cabbage and Pretty Vicious spring to mind, so all in all a good start. The opening title track is fast paced, heavy and energetic. The drumbeat drives the song and the angry vocal style fits in perfectly – it’s the ultimate song to get the pits started with.

The second and third track on the EP ‘Derogatory’ and ‘No One Believes’ continue the fast-paced, chaotic music style, oozing meaningful lyrics that you can scream your head off with.

The final track on the record is ‘Mr. Brown’ – a hugely catchy and really energetic offering, its main guitar riff is simple but effective, and every time I hear “Mr Brown” being blasted out by Cummins’ raw vocals, I just want to shout it out too! It’s a short, punchy tune, and it sums up the band’s wild, raucous sound perfectly. 

These boys have got something going here, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them played on main radio stations and playing the big festival stages very soon!

Always The Same, the new EP from Proletariat, is out now.

Jimmy Ingham