EP REVIEW: Daniel Docherty ‘Only Time Can Help Us’


Sometimes you find a record which unexpectedly rescues your week. At a time when the world is in turmoil and turning on the television shows bad news bulletin, after bad new bulletin, Daniel Docherty’s emotive voice and soundscape of ‘Only Time Can Help Us’ offers a safe haven from today’s crazy world.

The Glasgow-native singer-songwriter new EP (release today, 22nd January 2021) is follow up to last year’s ‘Life Is What We Make Of It’ EP and sees Doherty extending his writing from both a personal and wider perspective from childhood, formative years through to adulthood and all that the journey entails – fears, awe, emotions and heartache.

Produced by Ian Grimble (Bears Den, Daughter, Mumford & Sons) the four track EP begins with the beautiful soothing vocals on ‘Broken Bird’ . The track is affecting, authentic and emotional and showcases Docherty’s beautiffuly honest voice with a raw, seductive, performance.

I ‘Don’t want To Grow Up’ shows Doherty’s confidence as a tunesmith with more passionate vocals and encapsulating lyrics which take you away into the story being told. This sweeps us into title track ‘Only Time Can Help Us’ – a heartfelt and up-tempo track which is surely destined for heavily rotaed radio airplay. It’s a track which makes your yearn for a live shows and the sing along that would ensure.

The EP finishes with ‘Something beautiful’, which steals the show. An apt title for such a pleasing track, this is an emotive alt-folk gem coupled with candid, observational lyrics. Powerful and emotional, the track is crafted in such a way that it feels as though it’s bouncing back and forth between your ears. It’s one of those tracks that after the first listen you immediately play again. A bonefide classic. Check out the brilliant accompanying video above with animations created by award winning Pixar Studios animator Youri Dekker (Incredibles 2, Coco, Spies In Disguise)

And with that, Daniel Doherty leaves us yearing for more. Excellent, enthralling, timeless and highly creative the extraordinarily accomplished ‘Only Time Can Help Us’ is out now.

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