EP: Salvation Jayne – ‘Moves That Make The Record Skip’

“stories of the mad and macabre, told by Salvation Jayne…” and so out of the screech and slice of lifted snippets of speech comes the introduction to the new EP from the revamped Salvation Jayne.

Originally formed in 2013, the band has undergone a transformation of late and now boasts the powerhouse vocals of Chess Smith pumping through its rock heart. Across the five-track Moves That Make The Record Skip, the ’80s blues-rock influence is evident in the big riffs, the drama and the dirt.

Lead single ‘Burn It Down’ embodies all of that and more. A thrashing opening riff gives way to a low-down throb before those distinctive vocals come in, soaring into the chorus. That resurrected classic power rock sound weaves around the alt-metal, lifting and dropping toward the conclusion. And, while there is more than a touch of Royal Blood in these driving riffs, there is something of QOTSA and Deftones here too.

Throughout the EP slick production keeps this sound big, each lick clear in the mix despite building layers of instrumentation. These tracks pull no punches in their delivery of raucous rock riffs, massive vocals, and bluesy lyrics. Heavy and atmospheric, this is a fine calling card for a band reinventing themselves and is sure to catch the ears of those about to rock.

Moves That Make The Record Skip is out now, and you can catch Salvation Jayne live over the next couple of months:

29th June – The Black Heart (w/ Tokyo Taboo, The Nyx and Weekend Recovery)
13th July – Hawleys Arms
27th July – The Fiddler’s Elbow
25th August – The Good Ship

Sarah Lay