EXCLUSIVE: Backstage with Asylums at Reading & Leeds 2016

Ever wondered what being backstage at Reading and Leeds Festival looks like? Well, wonder no more! Gigslutz has been given exclusive access to images of Southend rockers Asylums that showcase all the antics the band got up to over the August bank holiday weekend.

Compiled as a visual essay by resident Cool Thing Records photographer Kana Waiwaiku, the photos capture the band’s performances at Reading’s Jäger Haus (sponsored by Jägermeister) and Leeds’ This Feeling Stage (sponsored by Jack Daniels). Luke, Jazz, Henry & Mike look like they had a brilliant time. We’re not jealous. At all. *cries*

Kana’s shots include a FREAK encounter with a friend of Cool Thing Records, backstage interviews, the band taking full advantage of the free booze, and looking for that pesky van. Asylums’ debut album Killer Brain Waves is on sale now, and if you missed them at Reading & Leeds don’t panic; they’re playing Bestival this year too!

Feast your eyes on the photographs below….

1. Everyone gets picked up in the hired wheels and has a catch up.

The van’s loaded, ready to roll…

3. Buggy adventures on site at Reading Festival.

Buggy adventures on site at Reading

5. Luke has forgotten to pack a hairbrush.

Luke realises he’s forgotten his hairbrush

10. Luke and Jazz struggle to play table football.

Jazz & Luke struggle to play table football

7. Asylums and FREAK are genespliced.

Catching up with FREAK backstage at the Jäger Haus

6. Catching up with our mates FREAK backstage.

8. Pre show drinks are flowing.

Pre-show drinks are flowing

9. Henry warms up his tub thumpers.

Henry warms up his tub thumpers

13. In the haus.

14. Sound check in a pool of light.

Sound check in the spotlight

15. Mike gets lock jaw during the first song.

The Jäger’s kicking in…

16. Jazz imitates a grass snake.

 Jazz imitates a grass snake

17. Jazz imitates a lion.

Jazz imitates a lion

18. You gotta love that floor.

Floorboards are friends

19. Time to get some new jeans.

Time to get some new jeans…

20. Henry colour co ordinates his Pavement T-Shirt with the lighting guy.

Colour co-ordination at its finest

21. Mike shows off his bass hat.

Bass hat

22. Lukes crowd surfing addiction continues.

Luke’s crowd-surfing addiction continues

23. Grabbed some free leather jackets and went to see King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard.

Reppin’ the Jäger merch en route to see King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard

24. Trying to find our van. We ended up on a ferry.

Trying to find the van…on a ferry

25. Dude where's our van.

Laughing or crying?

26. Dude where our beers.

Laughing, but where’s the van?

27. The universal sign for finding your van.

The universal sign for finding your van

29. Interviews on site at Leeds Festival, with a hangover.

On site at Leeds Festival, with a hangover

30. We chat about our album and our label. Mike and Henrys minds drift to the bar.

Chatting about the new album & Cool Thing Records

31. Free bar again.

Free bar, round two…

32. The banter is in overdrive.

The banter’s in overdrive

34. The male gaze.

The male gaze

35. Gig two.

This Feeling stage at Leeds, the show begins…

36. Step into the light, in a DEVO T Shirt.

Step in to the light…

37. Purple Rain vibes.

Purple Rain vibes

39. Mike doesnt want to share saliva with the last backing singer.

No microphone-saliva sharing

40. Henry just doesnt try hard enough.

Henry just doesn’t work hard enough

41. Starting to loose the plot.

Starting to lose the plot

42. Get down on your knees.

Down on your knees lad

43. Mikes imaculate hair starts to mutate.

45. Thats right, a long sleeve, white, Ren & Stimpy T Shirt.

46. Time to find the van again.

Time to find that van again…

47. An abnormally long stop for petrol. Expensive.

An abnormally long stop for (expensive) petrol

48. Dinner Time. Option 1.


49. Luke has a sweet tooth tonight.

Sweet Tooth Luke

50. Dinner Time. Option 2.

Come dine with me

51. The free bottle of Jack Daniels is working.

Free Jack Daniels is a glorious thing

52. Jazz pretends to be Lemon Grab from Adventure Time. Henry wears a home made Cool Thing Hoodie.

Adventure Time impressions and a home-made Cool Thing hoodie

53. Passive navigation.

The long and winding road (home)

54. Being loud in a service station. Classy.

Lairy in a service station. Stay classy.

55. Sorting out the hair.

The immaculate hair is starting to slip…

56. Luke uses the force. The pannini is his lightsaver.

Use the force, Luke (aka your panini)

57. 48 hours of fun, now time to crawl into bed.

48 hours of fun complete. Time to crawl in to bed.

Huge thanks to Luke Branch for giving us access to this exclusive content.

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

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