“Expect bass, energy & uniqueness” – Rude Kid Talks Noah’s Ark EP

Having been a hugely popular producer in the Grime scene for many years now, Rude Kid has gained the respect of both MCs and fellow producers and has established himself as one of the top production talents in the scene. Following the huge success of 653, his collaborative project with Ghetts, he’s just released his latest EP Noah’s Ark and we sat down with him to find out a bit more about it…

For anyone who hasn’t heard any of your productions before, how would you describe Noah’s Ark for them?

This EP is very electronic. If you haven’t heard my music before and you did for the first time, I’m sure you’d like it and would then do your research, look back on my previous music and find out that I’ve always made different sounding music. I’ve never made one style and that’s why if I didn’t have the “Are you ready?” signature in my music you’d never know it was my tune. So every year I’ve tried to do some new styles and tried to make new music, but it’s all still Grime. I’ve tried to do the new styley with added voices like in ‘Oh My Bass’ and no one’s really making tunes like that. But if you haven’t heard my music before and this is the first time you’re listening to it, expect bass, energy and uniqueness.

What made you call the EP Noah’s Ark?

Noah’s Ark is to do with a flood and this is my first release of the year. Off the back of 653 I promised myself that I’m gonna work so hard this year that I’m gonna flood the scene, so that’s where the name comes from.

‘Aliens’, which is on the new release was used on your project with Ghetts. What was the thought behind putting that instrumental out on this release?

The reason I put that on there is because every time I’ve played the instrumental in a rave, it’s just gone off. So I thought why not. I have to make every track a tune that can be played in a rave.

Do you feel any of the tunes on Noah’s Ark will create the same reaction that ‘One Take’ did?

‘One Take’ wasn’t expected. Ghetts did it in one take and I think I called it ‘Grime World’ or ‘Unfinished’ or something like that, but when he did it in one take I thought we should just call it that and Ghetts liked that name too. When we did a listening party, we realised that that tune was getting a mad response but I don’t see the hype. ‘Oh My Bass’ has been getting a lot of love on Radio 1, Kiss and has had plays on a lot of radio stations. Will it get the hype ‘One Take’ did? I’m not sure. I didn’t think ‘One Take’ would pop so I can’t predict it, but hopefully all of them pop.

How do you feel Noah’s Ark ranks compared to all your previous releases?

I think this is my best one. Every EP that I do is better than the last one otherwise I’m going downwards, but everything I’m doing is going up, so this EP is my best work. I’ve tested all the music out in raves and they go off and that means a lot to me as I’m doing quite a lot of DJ shows so I’ve seen it. The next batch I do will be even better than this though.

Do you picture particular MCs spitting over the tracks when you make them?

Yeah that’s why I’ve got a track on this release called ‘Wiley Kat’. I showed it to him but you know that Wiley’s a long guy and I thought the tune was sick so I wanted to fling it on the EP. He heard it, thought it was sick and wanted to use it but was cool with me putting it on there. Sometimes I don’t picture anything and I just go with it. That’s why sometimes when you hear my tunes you can listen to them without an MC. I’ve got a tune called ‘Angels’ and people are always saying that they listen to that on its own and it doesn’t need any MCs on it. That’s what I try to do with my EPs, so that it’s not just for the DJs or MCs but for the listeners too.

Noah’s Ark is your first full release of 2016 – what can we expect from you for the rest of 2016?

More Rude Kid & Ghetts. I’ve got a big single dropping around June so look out for that too. I’m also gonna put out another EP as well. I’m doing a lot man, so just lots of work. I don’t wanna say too much but soon everything will be announced.

Noah’s Ark is out now and you can download your copy on iTunes here. Make sure you’re following Rude Kid on Twitter to keep up to date with all his latest news on releases, live shows and more.

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

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