Dead Parties is the project of Etienne Mamo, singer and songwriter for The New Black.

Dead Parties is the project of an Australian based in Barcelona, accompanied by Tony Laming (guitar) and Sarah Kost (vocals and percussion)

Shoegaze and noisepop come together in their latest single, “Disappear”, another step in the evolution of the artist who took everyone by surprise with his fantastic debut EP Tribe (2013), also qualifying for the semifinals of Demo Project in 2012 of Radio 3. Played with touring bands such as Cosmonauts and on festivals with Baths and Inspiral Carpets.

Before working as Dead Parties, Etienne was singer and songwriter of The New Black, back in his native Australia.

Etienne is currently finishing his debut album, due for release early 2015.




Gary Byfield

Gary Byfield

London based Manc wannabe. Oasis sparked the fire and it hasn't stopped burning since. Used to DJ house and techno but now on the London gig scene.