THIS FEELING TRACK OF THE DAY 23.02.15: Shiners ‘Karma (Is Coming To Get You)’

Shiners grew up at the height of Britpop with their parents’ New Wave records on repeat. Although still learning to talk at the time, it’s obviously had a lasting effect; the impact of these genres has created the sound that Shinersdub ‘Britwave’.

The band channel the angst and aggression of bands like The Stranglers and Elvis Costello with observational lyrics about the modern world – a world they’re not always thrilled to be living in. Check out the quality ‘Karma (Is Coming To Get You)’ for an introduction to the band.

Shiners play tonight at The Victoria in Dalston (with Movie). Stage time 8:20pm – make sure you get along if you are in the area.

For Fans Of: The Stranglers, The jam, Blur