A First date with: Little Grim

As part of the new Gigslutz series “A First Date with…” we sat down with the London based four piece Little Grim, ahead of there London show at The Macbeth, to talk new music, lyrical influences and just to have a little flirt. SPOILER: I blagged a second date.


Hi Little Grim, we’re dating! Where would you take us for our first meeting? 

Let’s go to the park. 


Quiet pub somewhere or a fun filled activity?

Baby, we’re going to take you for a long bicycle ride. We can paddle out by the lake, skip stones and reminisce about how we first gazed into each others eyes. 


We need drinks! What are you all drinking? 

Brandy. Straight. No frills. 


I’m going Gin! So what is your first date chat? Would you woo us straight away with music chat?

We can get to music later. Right now, we want to talk about your day… how WAS your day by the way? 


You charmers….Say there’s a jukebox wherever we are, what are you spinning for us?

Before we slip into some Marvin Gaye, I want to play you our favourite song by the Divinyls, ‘I Touch myself’. Nothing will get the hips shaking like the sexy husk of Chrissy Amphett’s spine tingling vocals. 


Would you invite us to a live show of yours as a potential second date (am I getting ahead of myself?) What could we expect?

We like a blog who knows what she wants. And though it’s cheeky, I reckon we could sneak you backstage. 


Do you have a favourite track that you enjoy performing live?

We love playing our brand new track, Black Blood, live. It’s a chance for everyone to get loose with a funk-laden middle 8 where our lead vocalist, Joe, puts down the guitar and dances like it’s nobody’s business. And there’s always room for two… 


Your new video for “Sparks” has got a distinctive 1970’s gangster vibe, talk to us about that…

For so long we wondered what the song might look like inside other people’s heads, and for the music video, we teamed up with Do Not Entry who were encapsulated by the idea of a gangster on the hunt for his missing wife. We’d not thought of this before, but loved how they completely transformed the song beyond its initial meanings and intentions. The 1970s was a prolific time period for sexy cars, tasteless house interiors, and of course, bold fashion statements. 

The new track hints at the fear of a relationship breaking up, by losing that certain “Spark”. Do you draw from personal inspiration when writing your lyrics?

At the time, it felt like a general commentary for a whole array of issues. Losing your passion for something is depressing and often leads to you digging up the place you lost it. For me, it was a time where the things I loved no longer gave me that joy or satisfaction that they used to. I was left clueless as to where to go next to get the feeling back, and wondered what extremes I’d go to to find that feeling again. 


What is next on the cards for Little Grim in 2016?

Tonight we have a show at The Macbeth, London. As well as some additional northern dates to get our teeth into this summer:

Manchester – The Castle – 2nd June 

Liverpool – Magnet – 3rd June 

Sheffield – West Street Live – 9th June

Nottingham – The Lofhouse – 10th June 


Then we’re hiding in the studio to work on our EP ready for later this year. 


Can we have a second date, please?

I thought you’d never ask…


Catch Little Grim tonight @ The Macbeth, Hoxton. 

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